Colin also plays serpent for our morris side and plays concertina in our
local sessions ( along with his son John on fiddle  - awesome!)  as well
which helps , and I too have been lucky so far, he turned my English one
round and sold it on for me in a matter of a few weeks.

I never really got to grips with the English concertina so have no intention
of replicating that system.  I think Colin's idea is to shuffle everything
to the left, if you see what I mean,  and put some accidentals on the right
- I will quiz him a bit more to make sure I am clear on what he is
suggesting and report back. 



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  Hi Mike,
You have the right man in Colin Dipper!
  A very Rolls Royce of concertina tuners, who 25 years ago rescued my 
lovely anglo from a botch job someone else had done, and has looked 
after it from time to time ever since.
And on the other hand, you probably already know that unless there's a 
good reason for haste, it may be quite a wait before you see it again! 
(I've been lucky so far.)

If you're considering getting rid of the bass notes, are these the 
buttons you're going to be hanging extra accidentals for the right hand on?
It sounds as if you're playing both English & Anglo systems already, but 
to my mind having right hand notes under the left fingers of an anglo 
would really be confusing... I find the anglo a very tactile thing, 
compared to the more technical logical approach of the English system, 
and for me it would upset the lines of treble and bass thinking which 
the fingers do almost by themselves.
I'd want to be sure I was gaining more than I was losing. Before I got 
my anglo in the first place, someone had tried re-arranging the system, 
and given up half-way. Colin has too much experience for that, but I'd 
still want to be sure that the gain outweighed the loss.
Best of luck,

On 06/01/2011 12:36, Mike Dixon wrote:
> Rob
> Thanks - Colin Dipper will be doing the work for me ( he has just tweaked
> and sold my English concertina for me which is funding this work!)  so I
> will talk it through with him - I gather he has done similar work for
> pipers
> I will also have a look at a second hand one as an option - I will have to
> do the sums!
> Could you expand on the 'care and sympathy' with the drones?
> Cheers
> Mike
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> Morning Mike - yes this correct.
> For a C/G anglo where you are typically playing tunes in G and D (and
> associated minors) you would want a Bb/F tuning to play with NSP.
> Unless you know the person you want to play with is in concert F then
> +20 would also be a very good idea. I have a Bb English concertina but
> it doesn't get out much because it's in concert pitch and too far from
> most sets of pipes.
> Personally I wouldn't get rid of the bass notes there's a lot of
> musical room to play in down there. It requires care and sympathy with
> the drones going ...
> Another consideration is that retuning a complete tone is quite
> invasive - it is possible to get a Bb/F instrument without
> modification. They are rarer but also cheap because no one else plays
> in those keys...
> I'd have a chat with some like Theo Gibb ( who
> will be able to give you some options - he has stacks of old lachenal
> reeds from various restorations. He also knows the basics about pipes
> - most free reed restoriers won't and has done an excellent
> restoration job on a couple of concertinas for me already.
> cheers
> Rob
> Quoting Mike Dixon<>:
>> I have a 20 Button Anglo C/G Lachenal which I had for years which I have
>> done very little with.  I am about to get it serviced ( more like a
> re-build
>> I suspect!) and am considering getting it re-tuned to play along with NSP
> -
>> either for me to have a go , or to lend to a friend so we can do some
> duets
>> Would I be on the right lines to go for F/B Flat?  I suspect at  +20
> cents?
>> We are also looking at removing the bass on the left hand and putting
>> accidentals on the right - might be useful as I rarely use the bass
> buttons
>> as such
>> Any thoughts or advice
>> Thanks
>> Mike Dixon
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