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Mount Vernon, N.Y., Wednesday, August 24, 1910



Paralysis Was the Cause -

He Was in His Nineteenth(sic) Year





He Had Discussed Roosevelt - Old Guard War - Deeply Interested


Retaining to the last, full possession of his faculties and a mind whose
activity was undiminished, James N. Lockhart, a pioneer resident of Mount
Vernon, a former village trustee and former fire commissioner, died from an
attack of paralysis, .at his home at No 134 Valentine street, yesterday
afternoon about 2 o'clock. He was in his ninetieth year. Death was sudden and
entirely unexpected.  

Mr. Lockhart had been in feeble health for several years, and not long ago he
had a previous attack of paralysis. He had not been able to venture out of the
house for any considerable distance for many months.

Altho far from strong physically, Mr. Lockhart had an unimpaired vigor of mind
up to the very day of his death. He was always deeply interested in public
affairs, questions of the day, and matters of political importance. Yesterday
morning he was explaining to his wife his own opinions on the war between
Colonel Roosevelt and the "old guard."

Shortly after the noon-day meal, at which he appeared in good spirits and in
unusually good health for him, he went upstairs. A moment later his daughter,
Mrs. Joseph Wilson, heard the sound of a fall on the upper floor. She ran up
and found Mr. Lockhart dying.

She telephoned to her brother, City Marshal Lockhart, who hurried to the house
with a physician, but they were unable to get there in time. Mr. Lockhart was
dead when they arrived. As his death was unexpected, Coroner Boedeeker was
notified and gave a verdict of death from paralysis.

For thirty-four years, Mr. Lockhart had been a resident of Mount Vernon. He
was favorably known in all parts of the city.

Mr. Lockhart was a native of Parsboro, Nova Scotia, where he was born April,
27, 1821. Before he as ten years old he was obliged to go to work. He learned
carpentry and worked at it in Nova Scotia and later in Maine, where he went
when still young.

On his twenty-seventh birthday, April 27, 1848, at Bangor, Maine, he was
married. For several years longer he continued to make his home in Bangor, but
moved finally to Boston, and in 1852 to New York. Nine years later, in 1881,
he became connected with the Baker, Smith & Co., a steam heating establishment
in New York. He had been with this firm ever since, up to the time of his
death, as the concern still counted him one of its number, even after failing
health had made it impossible for him to engage in business activities.

About April 1, 1876, Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart and their family came to Mount
Vernon. On May 20, 1884, he was elected a village trustee, and served for two
years, or until 1886. When Mount Vernon became a city, in 1893, Mr. Lockhart
was appointed a member of the first board of fire commissioners. 

He was made president of the board, serving with Edson Lewis and Frank Bruce.
He continued as fire commissioner, under both Republican and Democratic
administrations, until 1900. He was on the board when Mayor Flake was chief of
the department. He was president for fourteen years of the Home Building and
Loan Association.

Mr. Lockhart was a member of the first board of trustees of the First
Presbyterian church, and served for several years in this capacity. He was
chairman of the building committee which built the present church edifice. All
his life he was a staunch Republican. 

In addition to his wife, he leaves a son, Frank T. W. Lockhart, two daughters,
Mrs. Joseph Wilson and Miss L. Marian Lockhart, and four grand children. The
funeral services will be held at the house. Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
Rev. Charles S. Lane, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, is expected to
conduct the services. The interment will be at Woodlawn cemetery.

NB - as far as I can find out, this is James Nelson Lockhart, s/o George
Lockhart & Esther Taylor wid/o Bartlet Martin of Parrsboro. George is s/o
James Lockhart & Miriam Marjorie Knowlton.




Mrs. Jane Lockhart Stephens

Mrs. Jane Lockhart Stephens, sister of Fire Commissioner James N. Lockhart, of
this city, and a former resident of Mount Vernon, died yesterday morning at
her home in New York. She lived here up to a few years ago. She was born in
Nova Scotia on September 6, 1823, and came to New York about 1860. For forty
years she was identified with the stationery business in old Greenwich village
of New York, and was a pioneer in that business. The funeral services will be
held from her home in New York tomorrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The Interment
will be in Greenwood cemetery

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