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Oumar Aziz OUATTARA proposed the following answer:
> > Regarding your question, the problem comes from the fact that the SSH URL 
> > in NSsbackup is not using the same format as in Sbackup.
> > In NSsbackup, the definition of the schemas is delegated to each plugin.
> > The schema for SSH is:
> > ssh://user:passw...@server/my/folder/path/
> That seems very close to what I'm using in sbackup (anonimized version
> shown):
> ssh://
> Except for the fact that I do include my verbatim password in the url,
> since that is stored in plain text in (ns)sbackup's config file. I have
> in stead set up passkeys for secure login without password (which works
> flawlessly with plain ssh/scp/sftp etc., and with sbackup).
> Is this what nsbackup cannot handle?

yes, you go it right !
Here is the Regex that NSsbackups SSH plugin uses:


look at the matchScheme method here:

So not putting a password is not an option :-( .

> I don't think that is desired
> behaviour, for the reason mentioned above. I propose adding an
> additional schema (or modifying the existing one; I don't know how this
> works in detail) to accept 'ssh://u...@server/my/folder/path/'.
> (Where) Can I start fixing this?

You can get the code using this page:

but the real problem here is not changing the Regex, but to use
pexpect correctly. If you know another api that can allow us to use
fuse, we might change for that one.


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