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Je la 24/08/2010 13:57-------- Origina mesaĝo-------- Anton skribis 
(esperanto estas la unua internacia lingvo):
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> On 24/08/10 11:53, paolocollector wrote:
>> New question #122507 on nssbackup:
>> I read:
>> " Please use the latest version of Simple Backup (SBackup)"
>> I am not sure: does this mean that i should stop using nssbackup 0.3 and 
>> move to sbackup 0.11 ?
>> Or is it only a note for sbackup users to remind to move to the next version?
> nssbackup and SBackup are finally re-merged. SBackup 0.11.x is identical
> with nssbackup 0.3.x. Development will take place in SBackup (to stop
> confusion) from now. So, you're invited to use SBackup from now on.
so well, so good.

I updated nssbackup to sbackup with apt-get in my ubuntu 10.04, to the 
lucid version, given by
(nssbackup was listed as to be uninstalled)

I checked that sbackup 0.11.2 ins in /usr/bin dated of to-day

nssbackup is no longer operational (although the menu entries are always 
and sbackup fails (see hereunder) and I see no menu about it.

le...@portable-leleu:~$ nssbackup
nssbackup : commande introuvable
le...@portable-leleu:~$ sbackup
Updating GNOME_KEYRING_PID to: None
Updating GPG_AGENT_INFO to: None
Now launching indicator application (status icon).
Unable to get KDE Session Manager: 
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.kde.ksmserver 
was not provided by any .service files
Indicator application started (PID: 9070)
Updating GNOME_KEYRING_PID to: None
Updating GPG_AGENT_INFO to: None

ans an error message:
Erreur critique: Aucun fichier de configuration trouvé pour le profile 
par défaut.

thanks to help me to have an operational backup again

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