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I currently have a sbackup backup session running, however the throughput is 
(much) lower than I expect. 

gzip is running at only ~20% CPU usage, suggesting that there is a bottlenect 
in datatransfer somewhere. 
My local disk can do up to 40MB/s throughput, but iotop reports ~1500KB/s for 
tar. top reports no io wait, but ~75% idle.
Network monitor also reports datat about 1500KB/s. I'm writing to a remote 
server through a 1G ethernet connection, which should easily accomodate 40MB/s 
(scp indeed reports ~40MB data rate). On the remote server there is negilble 
CPU usage (~5%, of which ~2% by sshd). If I use plain cp to the .gvfs directory 
that connects to the backup server, it transfers about 25MB in about 10 
seconds, roughly consistent with the ~1.5MB/s iotop reports for sbackup.

Any ideas on why sbackup is so much slower than my hardware and network could 
support? Is it likely that gvfs is somehow at fault, and if so is it worthwile 
(cost vs. gain) to fix this?

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