We can quote the old cliche that the mark of a good team, is one that wins when 
they're playing badly. The fact that we are leaking goals is a slight issue, 
but seeing as we're scoring more than anyone in all divisions, is a pretty good 
point in our favour. 

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I don't think the conditions helped the midfield as the 
goalkeepers and centre backs were all adopting the "hoof-it-high-&-long" 
tactic to try and use the wind to their advantage.  Unfortunately this 
meant that our midfield looked like they were watching a game of tennis with 
ball going left & right above their heads.  In better conditions I 
think they have the ability to get the ball down and control the middle of the 
If we could get another Mancienne on loan from somewhere 
then I think we'd be sorted.  He had a certain poise and composure about 
him that made him stand out.  He wasn't coming across arrogant but he was 
strutting like he was in control of everything (which for most of the game he 
Promotion.... it's a certain as picking the winner in 
tomorrows Melbourne Cup!!!


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Leaky defence

What’s this talk about 
going up? I think you are being a little premature, remember what happened a 
years back when we were 11 points clear of the 
As for the defence, 
yes, we have been leaking a lot of goals but I would also be pointing the 
at centre midfield. Just by watching Jones in the last game against Cardiff it 
appears to me 
that he goes “missing” for too much time during the game. Henry had an okay 
but not one of his best.
Mancienne looked very 
accomplished and showed some classy touches. Hope he stays in the team and 
improves further with more games. With him and Stearman we now have the very 
quick centre backs we have all been asking for.
In regards to the 
Keegan tactics I would much rather us play this way than we did last season! 

Great to get a bit of 
luck for a change as well, Cardiff could have had 2 penalties on another 
Roll on Birmingham for 
our next TV game!!



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Subject: [NSWolves] Leaky 

has anyone noticed that there are 
only 4 teams in our division who have conceded more goals than us?  
Fortunately at the moment we are able to score more than we concede but surely 
this tactic isn't going to work when we're in the premier league.  I think 
we need to start reinforcing our defence now for when (a) our strikers hit a 
rough patch (b) we get promoted.

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