I imagine there are similar comments being made by Birmingham and Reading
fans.  We're lucky at the moment that they are playing badly too.  The
cashing pack are closing in.

At least we don't have Tony Adams as manager.

He said on Friday that he had the full support of the board, the players and
most of the fans.

Today he'll be sacked.

Is he so stupid that he genuinely though he was going to keep his job?  Why
do football managers do this again and again?  Is it something to do with
their contracts that they have to seem surprised when they are sacked so
that they get the full contract paid out?

2009/2/9 Marcus Chantry <marcus.chan...@macquarie.com>

>  we've got as much chance of winning automatic promotion as England have
> of winning the Ashes back this year (which is something close to
> absolutely F all).
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