Time for optimism as I can't countenance the alternative. 


We are still top of the league with 13 games to go and I'm sticking to my
prediction of 92 points. How we have managed to stay in this positon playing
absolute s***e for months amazes me? Just shows how ordinary the other
competiton is. Why can't we turn things around now? 


29 points from a possible 39? Very achievable on early season form, nigh on
impossible based on current form.


The rot will stop this weekend and I wouldn't be surprised to see a central
midfielder arrive on loan soon.


Everyone's view or prediction on here could be right, that's the beauty of
following the Wolves all these years. As we all know you can never predict
what they are going to do next!!




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Isn't it strange how earlier in the season when we were doing well almost
everyone on this list was make predictions about where we would finish if we
maintained the current form of averaging X points per game.

But now that we're not doing so well, some people have tried to change the
focus to look at the points that we have in the bank saying that everything
is rosy because we have X points in the bag (mainly accumulated earlier in
the season) and are ignoring the current form (ie average points per game)
which was such an important harbinger only 2 months ago.  Why is that so?



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We are third from bottom in current form based upon the last 8 games!



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On balance I'd say we are now one of the worst teams, we need to take into
account that most of our points were accumulated in the first half of the
season. Our recent form indicates that we are now bottom half of the table
material and on a rapid decline. On current form we may just sneak into the
playoffs, and what an anti climax that will be.


Yes I've read the bit about our last nine games and if the results were
spread out over the rest of the season...blah blah blah, that's just people
(MM in particular) trying to lighten things.


Its going to be a roller coaster finish, with the lead we had, it really
shouldn't be.



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We have a good chance of getting promoted.  We are, I still believe, one of
the best two teams in the division.  On balance so far, we are the best team
as we have scored the most points.


If these last nine matches had been interspersed amongst the other games,
we'd still be where we are, it's just that we wouldn't have convinced
ourselves that we were going up without any difficulty.  We might have been
intermittently swapping places with Brum and Reading over the last four
months.  If that had happened we'd be very happy being top by now, and clear
of third place.


There is a lot of sceintific evidence that a person's long term average
happiness cannot really be moved, even for people that are supremely
successful or make a lot of money.  Therefore, all happiness is measured
relative to that long term average.  I think in the case of football, the
long term average is measured against the current season, and the season
before.  Being only a couple of points clear is worse than being seven
points clear, so we are unhappy.  If we had been seventh in the league two
months ago, we'd be delighted with our position, wouldn't we?


So just relax.  It does however, seem to be a fact that wherever we are in
the table you're never happy.  If we were promoted by now, you'd be moaning
that we had no chance of staying up.  The key is to be grateful for where we
are in the league, rather than being sad about where we could have been


There are people who see the glass half empty, people who see it half full,
and you, who sees it smashed on the floor with the contents making a
permanent stain on the carpet and an enduring fear of getting shards of
glass in your feet when you walk over it.  And what a waste of money it was
smashing the glass.  Oh my!



2009/2/17 Marcus Chantry <marcus.chan...@macquarie.com>

Where are you Steve?  We are missing your optimism during this dire period
of form.  We need answers to what is going on.  How did your investigations
go into the clumpiness of MM? Are we about to see a reversal of form?



Sent: Monday, 9 February 2009 4:08
On Behalf Of Steven Millward

I still think we are the first or second best team in the league.  Better
than Brum but perhaps not better than Reading


I have faith that we'll average out over the season at a high enough level
to get promoted.  


I'm wondering if Mick is indeed statistically more clumpy as a Wolves
manager or we just despair about poor runs of form.  I might investigate.

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