Marcus, my personal opinion is that we have 2 x good reasons to remain
positive about our current plight, they are:


1.      Albeit for the Burnley game we are regularly scoring 2 or 3 goals a
game. Granted our general play has been dismal, exceedingly so at times if
you are to believe all the reports on the Internet, E&S newspaper and
feedback from family / friends back in Wolverhampton / West Midlands.
However, the fact remains we are still scoring goals and creating chances,
when playing badly. 
2.      Berra will help tighten up our defence and prevent us from conceding
as many goals as we have been in the last 10 games or so. I defy anyone to
say Berra is not an improvement on Collins?


If we can keep some clean sheets then we will win some games. 


If I was MM this would be my perogative at the moment. This may mean a less
attacking formation, which has been hinted at in the press this week, and a
"defence win at all costs approach" for a while.


If this is needed to bail out the sinking ship then so be it, we can return
to the attacking wing play formation when the ship has been righted. 


Another reason is, if we played so well at the start of the season with the
same squad of player's, why can't we do it again? Especially as the pitches
/ weather conditions will be improving in the next couple of months. 




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"This brings me back to my original point.  When Wolves are playing well,
you expect their form to turn bad.  When Wolves are playing bad you expect
their form to stay bad."


When we were playing well I don't recall saying anything to suggest that I
expected our form to suddenly turn bad.  I do remember saying however that
there were numerous games leading up to our current poor form where we
played badly but still managed to get points.  Since that point we have done
stuff all to show that we have the ability to improve our chances of
promotion (SEB's hattrick aside).  If we were showing glimpses of brilliance
or we were continually loosing because of bad luck/ bad decisions then I
would expect our luck to change and our form to improve.  But all of the
reports, the highlights, the internet commentary all make it abundantly
clear that we do not even look like reversing our poor form.  


Have you seen anything in the last month/2 months to suggest we are on our
way to improving our current predicament?  If not, how can anyone reasonably
expect our current form to do anything other than stay bad?

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