My concern is that if Sheffield Utd don't get auto promotion then they'll
sue everyone else in the league that took points off them.

Seriously though, they are eight points behind us even if they win the game
in hand.  If they win all seven games then we'll need four wins from six but
I can't see them getting 21 from seven.  They've got to play Burnley,
Swansea, Ipswich and Reading too, with only Swansea at home.

If I were a Sheffield United fan now I'd be more worried about missing out
on the playoffs than I would be hoping for auto promotion.  I think that's
how we'd feel if Wolves were in that position right now

2009/3/24 Morris, Lee SGT <>

> Are going to have a big say in this years automatic promotion spots, with
> games in hand, plus they have to play fellow promotion chasers, it could
> work in our favour having already taken points off Cardiff they could do the
> same to others.
> The worry is that if we loose a couple while they keep winning, they will
> become The Biggest Threat, I'm sure Reading and Brum are already looking
> over their shoulders.
> >

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