What are the directions to get there/road name ? (ref to google maps would
be good)
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Calling all NSWolves player's!


Yes, the game is on this Saturday (28/03/09), kick off at 12pm at Meadowbank
(Meadowbank Park, pitch No.9).


I suggest we meet at the Park around 11.30am to organize team. Remember to
bring your Wolves shirt (old gold) and some shorts/socks. 


Please let me know asap if you are available to play?


Thanks in advance.


Should be a fun game with drinks in the Sawdust Pub (Gladesville)


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Good signing.  Will make a good partner for SEB.  Has a lot of pace and
strength.  Wolves front two will be frightening for most defences now.
Bring on Birmingham.  We'll have all of the Villa fans wishing him to score.


What's everyone think?


Is the match still on this weekend?  I have the OK from 'er indoors if you
still need players but can drop out if not



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