Useless and gutless tossers and against 10 men for more than half a game. Berra 
and craddock were useless they must have bumped into each other about half a 
dozen times.


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That was a very very poor all round performance. We were very very wobbly at 
the back and in my opinion Vokes should of replaced Harewood, who I thought was 
quite ineffective.
Agree Jarvis and to a lesser extent Foley were ok, Edwards looked good while he 
was on too.
Needs a very big improvement against Southampton.
When clutching at straws, we can always say we were without three key players 
for most of the game.


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Embarrassing performance!


No skill, no fight and no idea!


Against 10 men as well!


How bad were we? Inept and devoid of ideas most of the game! Only Jarvis to me 
looked interested when he came on. 


Hopefully, we won’t play that badly again.


P.S. I’m staying in bed for the Southampton game, we are cursed when on TV! 


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