you would like to think that we'll have a couple of new faces sorted for
the trip to Perth.  The off-season is pretty short so we need to get
them in early and get the team bonding sorted before we have to face the
Premier League outfits.
I'd rather try and get Scholes on loan than go for Nicky Butt as is
being rumoured.


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Our recent history suggests we will have no idea what players we are
looking at until signings are officially announced. Moxey seems to have
that bit right, I'm sure we've got a couple of deals in the pipeline
already, with a few back up plans after promotion/relegation is
finalised (this weekend).
I'm sure there will be a few surprises in the next few weeks, hopefully
we'll get to see most of them in Perth.


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My understanding is that the window doesn't open until July 1.
Do you think Wolves already have agreements in place for players yet.
Presumably no announcements can be made until July but I would hope the
commerce has already been sorted out.

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