The Tevez affair has become a running joke amongst anti Sheff Utd fans,
who most now class as very sore losers.
I notice our one time target (who chose his hometown club over us) Billy
Sharp didn't have too much of a part to play in their season, was he


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Sent: Tuesday, 26 May 2009 13:47
Subject: [NSWolves] Re: Clarets!

oh F.F.S.  if a bunch of overpaid to$$ers can't get the ball into the
back of the net in 90 minutes of play then they don't deserve to win a
game.  next they'll start suing boot manufacturers every time the loose
their footing and fall over, or they'll sue the ball manufacturers if
the ball bounces to high, or maybe even sue the opposing club if their
fans sing too loud.   whatever next??


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Subject: [NSWolves] Re: Clarets!

It's been the perfect season.  The Shit go down with Newcastle, we go up
with beatable teams.  The bottom of the Prem is littered with crap
teams.  We have such a good chance of staying up.
It said on Mol Mix that someone on the Blades Forum was suggesting that
they take legal action over the disallowered penalties!

2009/5/26 Jeremy Tonks <>

        Just like old times - Burnley, Wolves, Stoke... we just need
Carlisle and Bristol Rovers to get back up.

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