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How do the slackers who aren’t going to Perth get theirs?



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Hi Steve, I'll go on Mol Mix later and deal with enquiries for shirts. They 
arrived today and I reckon they look fantastic! I'll try and post an image so 
people can see it for real rather than a mock-up.


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Subject: [NSWolves] Rest of the world

Seems to be increasing interest from the rest of the world for stuff to do with 
the Perth trip.

Someone has been asking me for a T Shirt.  Marcus are you happy to deal with 
him?  Have you got spares?

Some noobie on Mol Mix wants some programmes from the match.  I can't be arsed 
but if anyone is needing to boost their Karma he needs two.  Please let me know 
if you want to get them for him, transport them round the city after the game 
and then post them to him.

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