I'd be suprised if he changed a winning team bar Edwards.  I'd have thought
that was footballing basics but then we've seen Mick try to pick sides for
strategies so it's not ruled out.  Surely he'll have learnt that it hasn't

More pressure on Manure tomorrow than Wolves.  As Mick said in his interview
"Did I expect to get three points off Spurs at the start of the season?
No.  Did we come here expecting to get beat?  No."

I like that way of looking at it.  In fact I like him more and more the more
I hear of him (but not as much as Marcus did in Perth yet).

Who's in for Edwards?  Foley?

2009/12/14 Morris, Lee SGT <lee.mor...@defence.gov.au>

>  Realistically a win or draw at Old Trafford will be a massive bonus.
> However they are vulnerable and as Saturday proved, anything can happen.
> A game like this straight after the Spurs effort will be a big big test for
> our players...I bet they were sore on Sunday morning.
> I wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple of changes in the lineup with MM
> resting players in preparation for Burnley on Saturday.
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> *Subject:* [NSWolves] Ominous warning for Tuesday?
>  This is a quote from Vidic after ManUre's defeat against Villa.  Must say
> I find it a little disrespectful that he sees our game as the *best*chance to 
> score goals and regain their confidence (even if it may be true).
> Is he suggesting that we are the worst team in the league??
>  I guess it's not the ideal time to have to play ManUre who will definitely
> be looking to rebound, but maybe, just maybe, their confidence is down with
> all their injuries and a loss at home to Villa.
> *Vidic hopes the reigning champions can take advantage of their encounter
> Tuesday with Wolverhampton.*
> *"This is our best chance to play well, score goals and bring the
> confidence back," insisted Vidic. "It’s important when you lose a game to
> have the next one quickly, so you can play better and fix what you did in
> the last match."*
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