But who will have the freshest legs?!!

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The black pudding eating surrender monkey's team will be more confident because 
they know he's a tactical genius.

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So Burnley, one our great rivals for relegation apparently, are now 1 point 
better off than us from the midweek round of games.  It seems they decided that 
they could compete with the big boys and got a point from the game against 
Arsenal.  That's now one point that will stop us moving above them even if we 
do manage to beat them on Sunday.

So lets thinks about which team is going to be the more confident going in to 
Sunday's match?  The team that has taken a point of 3rd placed Arsenal or the 
team that rolled over and took one up the rear from Man Utd.

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Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

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Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

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