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>  *Steve Bull*
> The Wolves legend on why he never left Molineux, his favourite curry and
> how he got fit in pre-season by mucking out pigs
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> *Hi Steve. You played for Wolverhampton 
> Wanderers<>for over 13 years and 
> scored more than 300 goals. Are you surprised that a
> top division club didn't come in for you, given that you never reached the
> top tier with Wolves?* No. I always say you never know what's round the
> corner and I was very lucky with injuries. To play for 13 years without
> injury was good enough.
> *But Steve, according to **your Wikipedia 
> page*<>
> *, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ajax, PSG, Internazionale, Manchester United,
> Liverpool, Rangers, Lazio, Boca Juniors, Juventus and Genoa all tried to buy
> you. Did no one tell you?* No. Actually I didn't know about all them. I
> knew Torino and Newcastle, and Celtic and Coventry. But only those four.
> *Would you have fancied it though? Maybe just a season at Madrid, one at
> Barcelona one at Inter, then back to the Championship with Wolves?* If I'd
> been money-orientated maybe. But I just love the Black Country, love the
> people, love the town, love the stadium.
> *You got your break playing non-league football for Tipton Town. At the
> time you also had various part-time jobs. Which was the worst?* Mucking
> the pigs out at my mate's farm to get me fit in pre-season.
> *That was fitness training?* Yeah, to build my upper body fitness. It was
> a hard job. And a smelly one too.
> *Was there any point, maybe when you were mucking the pigs out, that you
> leant on your shovel and thought you might not make it?* Yes. When I was
> 17 I had a piece of bone taken out of my knee. This surgeon told me I
> wouldn't make it as a professional footballer. I was back playing six weeks
> later.
> *Small Talk hopes that surgeon is reading this now. In your face, surgeon!
> You came on for Garth Crooks on your senior debut for West Brom. Did he give
> you any advice and, if so, did it involve him talking and talking for ages?
> * No he didn't. He was very quiet back then. He had a good partnership
> with Imre Varadi up front and that was why I left West Brom. I just thought,
> I'm not going to play here. It was a knockback. But I went on to Wolves and
> gave it a go.
> *And now you have a stand named after you. Do you think Molineux has the
> best statues?* Yeah they have. The Billy Wright one at the front is
> superb. But they haven't got the best one yet. They haven't got one of me.
> *Are you annoyed there is no Bull statue, maybe a large bronze likeness?*No, 
> no, I'm just kidding. Anyway, you only get one when you're dead and I'm
> not going anywhere just yet.
> *You scored 52 goals in the fourth division in the 1987-88 season. You
> were playing for England a year later. Was that a shock?* It was
> unbelievable. You're playing in the third division, everyone's telling you
> you haven't got a first touch then the next minute you're playing for your
> country It's not going to happen again, ever. Playing with the likes of
> Lineker, Shilton, Waddle, Gascoigne, Beardsley. I thought: blimey, I've come
> a long way here.
> *Were you surprised how good they were?* I was to be honest. Coming from
> the lower leagues, you don't know where to run, you might not have the
> touch, and when I blended in with them at training I really enjoyed it, I
> was getting to the same tempo they were.
> *You scored against Scotland on debut after controlling the ball with your
> back<>.
> Was that a move you'd practised?* No it wasn't. I remember I jumped with
> Alex McLeish, we tangled, it hit me on the shoulder and I just hit the ball
> as hard as I could. Me being stupid I've started running towards the
> Scottish fans. I've fallen to my knees and I've got Gascoigne and Bryan
> Robson on top of me. I couldn't believe it.
> *The young Gazza. Was he as good as all that?* He was the best player I've
> ever been on the pitch with. On his day he was absolutely superb. Great
> touch, great vision.
> *You went to Italia 90. Was there a revolt before the Holland game?* No,
> there wasn't. We were there for six weeks and I can't remember one argument.
> Whatever Bobby Robson said we went out there and did it. We should have won
> that World Cup.
> *Should Peter Shilton have saved Andy Brehme's free-kick?* I don't think
> anybody could have saved that.
> *Maybe a man who could jump could have saved it?* Yeah, but it's one of
> those things. Everybody picks up on one mistake but he made saves in other
> games and you have to look at what he did for that team.
> *If you were holding a dream dinner party whom would you invite?* If he
> was alive, Muhammad Ali [he is, but Small Talk graciously lets this one go].
> And maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger.
> *Two beefcakes then. How about some eye candy?* The wife has got to be
> there, to be fair. And, er, probably Catherine Zeta Jones.
> *You had a long-running feud with Steve Walsh. How did it start?* We used
> to just wind each other up a bit. He was centre-half at Leicester, I was at
> Wolves, we were always going to be up against each other. We used to joke in
> the tunnel about whose turn it was to get sent off.
> *Now you're friends. Is that right?* Oh yeah, we do golf days and
> everything He's a top man.
> *Are you really friends or do you secretly resent him?* No no, he's a top
> man, no grudges there, nothing at all, We'll have a beer together any day.
> *Honestly. The two of you. Who would win a fight?* I don't know. I think
> it'd call it a draw. I think we'd be like two bull terriers going to the
> end. Best to shake hands and walk away.
> *Who would win a fight between a ladybird and a moth?* That's a silly
> question. They aren't going to fight. But I'd say the ladybird. It's got a
> weight advantage.
> *Do you have a favourite newsreader? *Erm, I'd say probably Bob Warman
> from Central TV.
> *If the world was ending would you like it to be him relaying the bad
> news?* Probably yes. He's thorough and very good.
> *I'm making you the Archbishop of Canterbury for a day. Should
> transsexuals be allowed to hold high ranking positions in the Church of
> England?* Er. No. Full stop.
> *Now I'm making you England manager. Is John Terry the right man to
> captain your team at the World Cup?* Yes. Whatever has happened in his
> private life is private, and as long as he's doing it on the field let him
> get on with it.
> *Now you're in a Wolverhampton Balti house You can have three dishes on
> Small Talk. What are they going to be?* Tandoori chicken to start. Cheesy
> naan bread. And a chicken and prawn balti.
> *What do you do with the heated towel at the end of the meal. Face or
> hands?* I'd say wipe the face first, then the hands.
> *Steve, thanks a lot.* My pleasure Small Talk.
> *Steve Bull is an ambassador for, proud sponsors of
> Wolves. To win VIP tickets to watch Wolves v Spurs in a box hosted by Bully,
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