Manure & villa re playing in the Carling Cup final on Sunday. 

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No games this weekend for Manure, Villa, West Ham or Hull.

> Looking like a very  interesting week / weekend.
> Man U just beat West Ham 3-0. So we are now 3 points behind but with a

> game in hand. Bolton play in the cup tomorrow so will be backing up 
> quickly against us.
> On Saturday Portsmouth are away at Burnley, but I can't see a Hull 
> game anywhere.
> Wigan are also away at Blues and Sunderland are at home to Fulham on 
> Sunday.
> So best case scenario?
> Portsmouth beat Burnley (looking increasingly like Portsmouth will get

> some kind of penalty so they'll almost certainly go down anyway) 
> Hull?????
> Blues win against Wigan
> Fulham win against Sunderland
> If we were to beat Bolton, those results would see us jump another two

> spots and be four points clear of the drop zone.
> If we don't beat win, we could easily be back in the bottom 
> three....Not a good thing when the next game will be against Man 
> U....So yes I think it is ALMOST a must win game.
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> Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

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Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

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