Are you being rude about me Roger? You haven't seen me tasting beer. I doubt
I'd be there but the saliva is affecting my keyboard.



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Subject: RE: [NSWolves] 1st May Wolves Meeting


You are on the right track.

The other words to drop are top fermented, bottom fermented and Fudley's
Speckled Tub Thumper.

To make yourself look the part you also need a beard, a dark green or brown
jumper with elbow patches and be marking your tasting sheet after each sip.


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12 beers on tap

12 schooners to drink.


My understanding on the etiquette of drinking real ale is:

*       That I can hold each glass of beer up the light, screw my face up
and then ask for it to be replaced on the grounds of being "thick".
Whatever that means.
*       Then after taking each sip, I smack my chops together exclaiming
"Ooooh, yes", whilst secretly thinking it tastes like stewed socks.

Am I on the right track?



On 20 April 2010 22:53, Rog & Reet <> wrote: 


Put me down for a spot.

What are the Philistines going to drink if there ain't no crappy Lion Nathan
on tap?


Just seen from the Harts site that Lobethal and Mountain Goat is coming up.

Two of the best beers I've had for a while, thanks Microbeer Club.

The Lobethal was so good I ordered a mixed carton from them, lovely stuff.

Mountain Goat I've had a few times before but not for at least 18 months,
excellent gear.



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McLean; Elliot Dale; Graeme Fitzsimmons; Jeremy Thake;; Mark; Michael Lewis; Parma Juss; Paul Johnson;
Steve Lewis; Tony Slater; Trevor Jones; Wayne Pannell

Subject: [NSWolves] 1st May Wolves Meeting

Importance: High


Hi everyone, 


keen to check whether everyone is available to meet up on Saturday 1st May
2010, where hopefully we can celebrate retaining our Premier League status.


suggest a 12:30pm start at Harts Pub, in the Rocks.


Use the voting buttons above to indicate whether you are going to be there.





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Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid


Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid


Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

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