And we know what the fans thought of the "attractive football":

West Bromwich Albion – in association with some supporters clubs – are
planning a Tony Mowbray Week, to honour the man and his beliefs, and will
set up various events and honours in his name. There'll be an award for best
Ten Minutes Midfield Play In A Crushing Defeat, where Albion have lost
heavily but have still played some lovely passing football in the middle of
the park. There'll be a Sponsored Headshake outside the Hawthorns where fans
will, for charity, shake their heads for 10 hours straight while steadfastly
ignoring proof of how easy it's been for teams to beat Mowbray's outfit.
There'll also be a 'Spine Hunt', where fans embark on a quest to search for
Mowbray's 'backbone' – with a big cash prize for the one who finds the
treasured vertabrae. And don't forget the great Mowbray Statue, a 50 ft.
recreation of the great tactical genius, where admiring fans can climb up
his bottom and have a fun–filled stroll around his skull – an empty chamber
wih an easily–occupied amount of space.

Other attractions will be the Church of Tone, where visitors can read
stone–embossed soundbites from one of the Premiership's best managers, such
as 'we're in a false position', 'worse teams above us are gaining points'
and the immortal 'if we had Torres and Ferdinand, we'd be in the top ten',
prior to a Principles Seminar, where a large group will repeatedly chant
'all football should be lovely to watch, all football should be lovely to
watch. '. Later on, a Burning Of The Unbelievers will take place, where a
heretic who espouses the sacreligious virtue of actually winning a bloody
game will be tied to a stake and set alight.

These events, organised by the newly–formed West Bromwich Albion support
groups 'Winning? Don't Be Stupid' and 'Oh Really, Do We Have To Talk About
How We Stank Up The Premiership?', will take place at the end of the season,
with many of them absolutely free.

Those opposed to Tony Mowbray's sensible, lovely and warm–hearted approch to
a new world of nice passing football and embrace this strange culture where
a football team has to – ugh! – 'battle' and do the 'basics' in order to
'win' a game are asked to stay away in case they make people cry.

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>  (they like to play attractive football so they will be looking at
> different player to us anyway). Ouch.
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> I had thought about Forest coming up and there may be some sentimental
> appeal for some players but probably not a direct competitor for players
> (they like to play attractive football so they will be looking at different
> player to us anyway).
> I still think Sandwell Town have more appeal than we give them credit for.
> If I was a upcoming European based player who was looking to make an
> entrance into the Premier League, I would put Sandwell above Wolves purely
> on the basis that they have appeared in the Premier League more often than
> Wolves in recent times.  Perception often plays a greater role than reality,
> and the fact they have been in the top flight 4 times in the past 8 years
> means that they are more likely to be know by players & agents than Wolves.
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