You can't expect her to alter the laws of the universe for a football match
Rog.  She'll only do that to the odd cancer patient that begs her for long
enough.  It's funny how someone in life that was willing to help as many
people as she could has very selective hearing in the afterlife.  Do you
reckon the saints get a certain number of healing passes that they are
allowed to use or are they so busy playing table football with Jimmy Hendrix
that they don't get enough time?

On 15 October 2010 09:57, Rog & Reet <> wrote:

>  If we kick off the ball will go straight back to Hahnemann who will hoof
> it to the opposition or into touch.
> Every time we kick of, unless we’re 3 down, the ball will go ...see above.
> Within the first 5 minutes we’ll pass it back to Hahnemann 3 times.
> As I suspected praying to the woman with a face like a robber’s dog has
> proved fruitless.
> Plan B involving hiring Lucky Gattellari and co has also come unstuck.
> --
> Boo! Thick Mick Out!

Boo!  Thick Mick Out!

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