Check out the shirt that has spawned from the wolves match.

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Subject: SUMMAT FOR THE WEEKEND: OFfside & Kick Sexism out of Football T-shirt 
from Philosophy Football

Summat for the weekend of football to come? From www.philosophyfootball a 
T-shirt that not only explains the offside rule but also campaigns against 
oafish so-called TV studio experts who believe it is gender that determines our 
knowledge or otherwise of the rule.

Our handy design provides the signals of the Assistant Referee as they wave 
their flag for offside together with the rulebook definition to start the 
argument. Complete with 'Lets Kick Sexism out of Football' campaign logo 
against dinosaur attitudes to wear on your sleeve. The  perfect Valentines 
present to reward, or re-educate, your partner's attitudes.

Available in sizes S-XXL plus women's skinny rib at the £5 OFF PRICE OF JUST 
£16.99 until Valentines Day, usual price £21.99.  Plus! Buy the 'Lets Kick 
Sexism out of Football' campaign mug with your shirt and it comes at halfprice.

Offside T-shirt with half-price mug from here >

Lets Kick Sexism out of Football campaign mug, also available as a bargain 
priced pair or set of 4 from here >

Also launched for those who follow the egg-shaped ball, for the Six Nations 
which starts a a week today our Rugby Nations T-shirt, and £5 OFF from here >

Enjoy the weekend


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