It's bloody frustrating isn't it? We've won 7 games (I think). 4 of those
are Manure, Chelski, Manshitty and L'pool at Anfield. And we're still at the
bottom. I know it's hard to play well against crap teams. But really!


Magic Mick Manager for Life!



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Sent: Sunday, 6 February 2011 6:46 AM
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Moan, moan, whinge, whinge, we only beat Man U by one goal, we were lucky,
Mick got lucky, Man U were bound to lose sometime, we'd never do it again,
he's still a rubbish manager etc etc

There, saved you all the effort.

On 4 February 2011 16:28, Marcus Chantry <>

For most human beings with any form of affliction, the hardest part of all
is accepting or admitting that you have a problem so you spend a lot of time
in a state of denial and delusion.   I fear that Mick might not know yet
that he has a problem.



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Subject: [BTMO] I'll have half whatever he's on


"We'd actually played alright in the game and scrapped it out like we always

''We'd actually played well with a really solid performance away from home
against a good team."


Boo! Thick Mick Out!

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Boo! Thick Mick Out!


Boo! Thick Mick Out!

Boo!  Thick Mick Out!

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