Well I'm back from sunny and warm Port Macquarie.


.did anything happen while I was away? Are we still in the EPL?










&%#@ Foxtel!


I had to watch Pool v Villa. Didn't find any of the other scores until I
channel surfed Sky news (at half time) who were doing livish updates.


Then I very nearly went to bed in despair BUT my faith in our manager (Magic
Mick Manager for life!) enabled me to persevere. Even when Brum equalised
and Wigan were leading I knew we could do it. Two great goals and we had it
in the bag - even before Spurs hit the winner.

I'm sure my fingernails will grow back in time for May next year.





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I wouldn't have any of those though.  Villa have let a load go too.  

We normally do brisk business.  I'd hope for something this week.

On 28 May 2011 07:59, mark worrall <markworr...@gmail.com> wrote:

I hope MM isnt sitting on a beach in Spain right now when  there are free
pickings to be had...



Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager


Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

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