Berra has been one of our better Player's this year. I wish he would put 
Stearman alongside him at centre back, both are miles faster than Johnson. It 
will be interesting to see where MM plays Eggy? 
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All we need now is for Barcelona to have cash flow problems and we could
pick up a few bargains there...

....I hope it's not our scouts causing the cash flow problems ;)

What do I think about Jonsson? He's a solid footballer - I sincerely hope he
can do even better than our last signing from Hearts.

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i'd say he's a signing for the Championship, where his wages will probably
be higher than some other players.

On 22/12/2011, at 21:18 , Steven Millward wrote:

> What does everyone think of our new signing.  I don't think he'll be
earning very much.
> -- 
> Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

Boo! Thick Mick Out.

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