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> Football is a watered-down version of the army, discipline-wise. In the army, 
> you clean your shoes, tidy your bed and do things you don't want to do, you 
> must obey orders. When a manager tells you to do something, you do it. The 
> overall thinking is when we go to battle, you get instructions you must 
> comply with and you get used to obeying instructions and respecting 
> authority. It keeps everyone together on the same sheet. If you go into a war 
> and two soldiers do their own thing, they get the rest killed. We are not in 
> the army, but there have to be rules players must adhere to. Such things as 
> not being late for training, not leaving their training kit on the floor, 
> being in for treatment on time, living their lives properly and not going to 
> McDonald's. You take all that on the pitch with you. They should eat like 
> athletes. I don't think Jessica Ennis stops at McDonald's" – new Wolves 
> manager, Dean Saunders, makes an impressive leap of lateral thinking from 
> battlefield to Big Mac.
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Boo!  Thick Mick-lite Out!

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