a slightly modified example:

---- t.xml

  <aa number="111">AA</aa>
  <ab number="222">AB</ab>


and the Ctx source:

---- t.mkiv

\startxmlsetups xml:T
  % \xmlsetsetup{\xmldocument}{*}{-} % Empties output?!

  local aux = aux; if not aux then aux = {}; _G.aux = aux end

  xml.functions.aa = function(t)
    aux.num = t.at.number

\startxmlsetups xml:aa

\startxmlsetups xml:ab
  \ctxlua{context.section("New section " .. (aux.num or "??"))}





Two (remaining) questions:


Why the line "\xmlsetsetup{\xmldocument}{*}{-}" (try to uncomment!) causes the whole 
output is empty, even if I specify another operation for "a/ab" elements later?

My intention is to have "{*}{-}" (don't flush anything by default), excluding elements 
specified later, e.g. "a/ab" (with another operation specified);
how to achieve this?


How to get "aa.number" from within "ab" element?

I believed "\xmlatt{#1/../aa}{number}" within "a/ab" will do that, but...? How 
to do that?

I have a partial solution: when processing "a/aa", I save an attribute value to 
a Lua variable, which I use later;
but this solution doesn't look very "clean" for me;
I'd rather find a way to access parental (first) child attributes form within a 

Thank you in advance;
I'm not very familiar with Ctx XML processing (so far)...

Best regards,


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  <aa number="111">AA</aa>
  <ab number="222">AB</ab>
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