Another question on the same subject. One of my referenced documents is not
pdf but actually an Excel Spreadsheet. Is there any way that can be opened
automatically in Excel?
> Nigel,
> Nah, I just happened to have read it recently for the umpteenth time and
> knew where to look.
> At 05:59 PM 8/1/03 +0100, you wrote:
>> David,
>> Thank you very much, I thought I had got beyond the beginner's manual but
>> obviously I haven't......
>>> From: David Arnold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> This example is from the beginner's manual, page 86.
>>> \useexternaldocument[hia][hasbook][Hasselt in August]
>>> Most tourist attractions are described in \from[hia]. A description
>>> of the Eui||feest is found in \from[hia::euifeest]. A description of
>>> the \goto{Eui||feest}[hia::euifeest] is found in \from[hia]. The
>>> eui||feest is described on \at{page}[hia::euifeest] in \from[hia].
>>> See for more information \in{chapter}[hia::euifeest] in \from[hia].
>>> At 04:30 PM 8/1/03 +0100, you wrote:
>>>> Guys,
>>>> I have been searching for how to specify another document (.pdf) to open
>>>> from the source document. The only method I have found is using \useURL
> etc.
>>>> which bring up the web browser as an intermediate step. Please con
> somebody
>>>> direct me to the correct method.


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