Hi all!

I've just finished (?) reinstalling and configuring my TeX system. It is
quite small conglomerate of cont-bas, cont-tmf and my own packages. I've
successfully generated all formats using fmtutil. However I
have some troubles with 'cont-en'; it was successfully generated but do not
work properly. I tried to do that also with texexec 'shell'.

I need pl language hyphenation patterns as a default and for some cases also
en and de. That's why I uncommented following lines in cont-usr.tex file:
 \installlanguage [\s!de] [\c!status=\v!start]
 \installlanguage [\s!en] [\c!status=\v!start]
 \installlanguage [\s!pl] [\c!status=\v!start]
 \definefilesynonym [font-cmr] [font-plr]
% \useencoding[fde]  % commented by me

After these changes I generated format with command

texexec --make --language=pl,en,de --bodyfont=plr en

Log file (cont-fmt):


Is it correct?

After that I expect format with following features:
-- interface: english
-- default language: polish
-- other languages (activated by \language[??]): en,de
-- default font: plr

The problem is that default font is still CMR and I want to use PLR. What is
wrong? What should I do?

Oh by the way, I recomend you cont-bas package; tidy, small and complete.

Regards, Pawe/l

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