> > I try to define new command with typing in this way:
> Don't mess with verbatim stuff in commands. Don't ask why, just don't
> do it ;-)
> \definetyping
>   [nitram]
>   [before=\startframedtext,
>    after=\stopframedtext]
> \starttext
> \startnitram
> crazy
> \stopnitram
> \stoptext

It works but if I use

I have as result:

I would like to define some code in buffer and use it
as example (typing this code) and show how it works (use this code).
I can use \getbuffer and \typebuffer, but I would like to put code 
into a 'nice' frame ;)

I can do it by \framed[number of options]{\typebuffer}, but I would
like to do it in better way - by defining own command and use 
Is it impossible?

Best regards

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