Sorry to have initiated this. This is of course not the meaning to keep this
thread open nor to write in German! It is my fault that I wrote the message
by means of reply instead of directing the mail to the addres of the sender.


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Subject: [NTG-context] Re: Support bei Einstieg in ConText

> Steffen Wolfrum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Hi,
> > Gibt es etwa Bücher zum Thema ConTeXt?
> come on, guys. Posting in a wrong language can happen. So what.
> Answering (an obviously private mail posted in the ML) here in the
> same language on this mailinglist is not the best thing, but this can
> too. But we should not keep up this german thread. It is not polite
> for the other non-german speaking people out there, that get
> completely bored. So I'd suggest:
> \if\language\en\postonthismailinglist=1
>    \else
>    \dontexpand & \keepitprivate
>    \bye
> \fi
> Patrick
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