>> What may be wrong ?
> Does it help you ?

I'm a little 'confused' in installation of ConTeXt now ;)
Yours advices (and texmf.cnf from Hans) didn't works on my mobile
machine with previous (recommended) installation.
But today I tried install it on other computer and I:
- get 'generic basic' type of installation (with pictex(2) and 
- without any changes - works fine, but no polish characters and
- make plr fonts and metafun format - fine, but no metapost
- uncomment  \useMETAFUNformattrue, \reuseMPslotstrue,
  \runMPgraphicstrue, \runMPTEXgraphicstrue, \runutilityfiletrue
  in texmf/tex/context/base/cont-sys.ori and copy to cont-sys.tex
- everything works fine ;)

So, I will check it on my second computer - soon I will be expert in
ConTeXt instalation ;)))

PS. Thanks to everybody who helps me in my first steps in ConTeXt - 
    tomorrow I send the link to (early beta version ;) visual 
    creators of tables and flowcharts in ConTeXt...

Best regards

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