[cut seggestion]

Ok - I wait for any comments and I will work for improving 
functionality - but of course I have limited time for working 
on it. ;( But after weekend I think there will be much more ;)

> Is is it posible that the popu-window for changing the shape and 
Hmm... For now the 'window' is calling 'in reference' to changing
element - for elements near side of document this menu is hidding and
scrolling is needed - I will try do it automatically ;) And also 
scrolling to actual choiced element type in that long list of types ;)

> The table creator looks promising. Nice to read polish helptexts :-)

It is a mistake, of course ;)
Have someone a little time to writing texts in english ? ;) My knolwedge
of English is a little poor, so sometimes I have a problems ;(

> Nice overview of the commands. Is there a "copy to clipboard" 
> intended?

Of course ;)

> I hope you will further invest into this project.

I hope so, too ;)

I will try implement also setups for \setupTABLE (especially odd, even
columns and rows), so the question is: is somewhere examples how use xml
commands instead setupTABLE ? I would like make alternative choice to
generating code - for bTABLE-eTABLE environment and <table>-</table> also.

Best regards

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