with a lot of help of Lutz (member of this list) I am now able to produce Context 
files and compile them to PDF. Now I am reading the documentation and some emails from 
this list to learn some details.
I played a little bit with natural tables (also read the examples in ennatab.pdf) - 
but I think that is not all what is possible with natural tables. Wehre can I find a 
documetation with all options for nat. tabs? 

At the examples there was no table with round corners. But I found a parameter for it 
-I tried:

with the result: every cell was round.
It looks funny but is not the thing I was looking for.
I want to have round corners arround the table:
left corner top and bottom
right corner top and bottom

1. How does it work?
2. Where can I find all parameters/options for natural tables
   (I googled with no success).


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