someone (not sure who) said:
> I know XML source should work, but at least for me, creating XML source 
> is unproductive.  I work with a text editor and find writing this:
> ``Hello world,'' says HAL.
> much more productive than writing this:
> <p>&#8220;Hello world&#8221;</p>, says HAL.
> Maybe I'm missing something, but for writing, XML's markup requirements 
> -- which are invisible to field-based data entry screen -- are way too 
> intense for hand-editing. TeX source is much less verbose. It is easier 
> to create, proof (both visually and audibly),  spell check 
> troubleshoot, etc. I have not seen an editor capable of doing XML 
> source in a productive manner, like (La)TeX with text editor.

You're missing something.  For one, your above example would be:

<p><q>Hello world</q>, says HAL.</p>

Second, try something like nXML mode for emacs, or the XML plug-in for
jEdit.  Real-time markup validation, tag-completion, spell-checking,

Finally, you're missing the biggest point of all: XML is about reuse.
You cleanly separate markup from presentation so that -- among other
things -- you can trivially transform that to different output.


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