Hi all,

I've just found a little workaround for using boldsymbols. It works even with the nath module. It's probably not the best way of doing it, but since it does the trick for me, I guess it might useful to other ConTeXters.

Here it is:

\define[1]\boldsymbol{{\hbox{\formula{\bfm #1}}}}

I also have to:

 [mrbf=cmbx10 sa 1,
  exbf=cmex10  sa 1,
  mibf=cmmib10 sa 1,
  sybf=cmbsy10 sa 1,
  mabf=msam10  sa 1]


Then, I may define very handy commands like


and formulas like this typeset perfectly:

\[ \grad h = a \unitvec{n} \]

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