(Passing on a question.) Is there a simple methode to automatically add
a thinspace before "?", "!", ":" and ";" as it is done commonly in
French? This would make typing easier and would allow to change a
thinspace into a normal space etc.

In addition, I have the following problem. I downloaded the latest (?) ConTeXt - 2004.4.9 -, installed it in my $HOMETEXMF tree, added two symlinks to make it work with an old TDS tree texmf.cnf configuration, run texhash and fmtutil. TeX works rather nicely, except \setuppagersize.

Using \setuppapersize[a5][a4] or a5 a5 I get always one A4 page on a A4 sheet of paper. Using [a5][a4,landscape] I get a A4 paper on a sheet of paper which is as wide and high as the height of an A4 paper.
Can anyone reproduce this? Or is this due to my configuration
(e.g. a file present in the system TEXMF tree which is not in $HOMETEXMF and gets included)?



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