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The following minimum file does not paginate correctly. It overflows the second page. Removing the figure or the second level of itemization fixes the pagination. I have enclosed the text of the file and the file itself for ease of reproduction.

I am using the latest stable version from i-installer. I actually think I have had this problem before but not tracked it down.


\starttext \placefigure [here] [fig:a] {big figure} {\externalfigure[koe][width=\textwidth,height=\textwidth]}

\dorecurse{10} {\item repeated}
\dorecurse{10} {\item repeated indent}

\dorecurse{7}{\input zapf \par\relax}


I'm not that sure if the next will not interfere with other situations, so please play a bit with white space settings ans such and mixed one/two column modes

\vskip\lineheight\vskip-\lineheight % take footnotes into account
\doflushcolumnfloat % added recently
%\doflushcolumnfloats % no, since it results in wrong top floats
\flushnotes % before start of columns
\eject % the prevdepth is important, try e.g. toclist in
\prevdepth\zeropoint % columns before some noncolumned text text
\global\output{\the\mainoutput}% % % % % todo
\endgroup % here
\setvsize % the outer one!
\synchronizeoutput % new may 2004 / we need to: \pagegoal\vsize

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