* Hans Hagen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [May 28, 2004 09:40]:
> >\synchronizeoutput % new may 2004 / we need to: \pagegoal\vsize

> so the patch was easy but the solution may be wrong (i didn't test it in
> grid mode)

I have no clue why, but yes, it seems it doesn't solve all problems.
Here's something that fails (and I have a real-life issue with this as
well, which is more or less the same):


\dorecurse{7}{\input zapf \par\relax}

\dorecurse{12}{\nop \type{[:alnum:]}}

\dorecurse{7}{\input zapf \par\relax}


It fails for \startitemize[columns] as well.  It seems that the problem
arises when the itemize is pushed onto the second page.  Remove the
first \dorecurse{7}{\input ...} and it works fine...It would be great to
see this working,

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