In the ConTeXt manual (cont-eni.pdf) it says in the chapter on references by way of example:

In this chapter, we can safely use references, without the danger of clashing with references in other chapters. If we have a figure:

\placefigure[here][fig:worldmap]{A map of the \TeX\ world}{...}

In the chapter itself we can refer to this figure with:

\in {figure} [fig:worldmap]

However, if I use this scheme on the following input:


By way of example, \in{figure}[fig:exceptionhierarchy] shows the
hierarchy for ...

The following error trace occurs (TeXShop):

floatblocks : 1 placed
! Undefined control sequence.
\doloop ...ndcsname \recurselevel \let \endofloop
\dodoloop \dodoloop 1
\removeunwantedspaces ...kip \else \exitloop \fi }
<argument> ...\ignorespaces \removeunwantedspaces
\doifelsenothing #1->\edef \!!stringa {#1
}\ifx \!!stringa \empty \expandafte...
<argument> ...veunwantedspaces \rightofreference }
{\egroup \dosymbolreferenc...

\doifreferencefoundelse ...ce \ifreferencefound #2
l.121 ...mple, \in{figure}[fig:exceptionhierarchy]
shows the

What I am doing wrong? Or has some change in macros taken place?
I am using the following version:
ConTeXt ver: 2004.6.14 fmt: 2004.6.15 int: english mes: english

I would be happy if someone can provide the answer.

Hans van der Meer

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