Hello Jose,

> I am trying to setup Arial fonts...I am quite a newbie to this ConTeXt
> thing...

> I have just done \setupbodyfont[helvetica,ss,12pt] cause
> \usetypescript apparently is not recognised in my ConTeXt (previous
> version to the latest update of these days)

\usetypescript is an old command. Your ConTeXt surely knows about
this command.

> what is the use of this \usetypescript thing?

Well, typescripts are complicated. See Bill' page at

using Helvetica works for me:
\usetypescript [adobekb][\defaultencoding] 
\usetypescript [postscript][\defaultencoding]

> is Arial just a nickname for Helvetica sans-serif?

Well, yes and no.

There is no such thing as Helvetica sans-serif, because Helvetica
*is* without serifs. And Arial and Helvetica are two different fonts,
though similar looking and same metrics. But, depending on your
setup, asking for Helvetica can result in using Arial in Acrobat

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