> >> [starting ConTeXt wiki at] http://members.ping.de:8062/
> > Finde ich eine gute Idee! Was mir (neben der Hilfe auf auf der Liste für 
> > neue Probleme) am meisten bringt, und ich bisher etwas vermisse, sind 
> > Beispiel-Dokumente (genauer: deren Quellcode).
> [missing example documents and sources]
> What kind of example documents do you think of? I guess that you know
> that the magazines on the main ConTeXt site have their source code
> included?

I am sorry for sending the first answer in German; I accidentally sent it to
the whole list.

I was thinking of all kinds of day-to-day documents, like the letter
template I mentioned. I could not find one according to DIN-standards, so I
did some trial-and-error experiments and created my own. Arguments for a 
collection could be:

1) Perhaps a comprehensive and classified collection of sample documents
   could spare others such time consuming trials.

2) On the other hand, my template could for sure be further improved (beyond
   the level, I am capable of), so by putting it on a WIKI, I may get hints
   and feedback by others.

What was your motivation for mentioning such a collection on the WIKI?

Another advantage of the WIKI would be the following: I am often lost, when 
I try to remember, where I found a certain hint/trick/technique I am 
remembering. If there is a place where everyone can edit pages and include 
hints or links to information, then there would be no need to create more 
and more separate web sites about ConTeXt, because the content could be 
placed in the WIKI, or it could at least be linked from there.

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