On 22-jun-04, at 11:05, Hans Hagen wrote:

dr. Hans van der Meer wrote:

I found a typo in the recent version (16-06-2004) of ConTeXt.

In file type-buy.tex in line 143 one finds:
    \definefontsynonym f[LucidaSans-DemiItalic] ...
The f before the [ is a spurious character and should be removed.

it's even worse, since there are some out-of-typescript lines; i found out a few days ago so the latest version should be ok; i can send you the type-buy file if needed

Thanks for the prompt reply. In the mean time I got the version dated 21 june. If that one is ok or if you are readying a newer version soon, then do not bother to send me an update. I am looking fairly regular for updates. Anyway, I managed today to typeset my lucida fonts.

Hans van der Meer

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