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the idea of the keywords is very nice...
you can search for a specific page using the url

yes! it's the best exemple I know about! No need to define a strict hierchical structure.

Also, this could be the url for hight level FAQ
(this forum it not realy a hight level forum!)
- how about ConTeXt future (why it is not open source?)
- which/where is the reference documentation
  (don't reply with some recursive answer!)
- how many euro poeple would pay for a reference
  ConTeXt book?

I know these questions has been answered somewhere,
and some days ago,
But I know that because I have followed this
mailing list for months.
But I'm not sure I'm able to find these without asking
to this list!

like in


even more, you can search all pages containing a word like in:


perhaps it could be copied for ConTeXt wiki...don´t know how tclers do
theirs, but I guess they use tcl and they more or less can give some

Just some thoughts.


Jose Ignacio

-- Maurice Diamantini http://www.ensta.fr/~diam

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