yep, it seems to generates metafun.mem in the same directory it
was invoked...

do I have to invoke

texexec --make --alone

in a specific directory to perform correct installation of ConTeXt ?

I have not seen anything like that mentioned in install document...

is lattest version of TexExec in ?


> Hi,
>> but I don't understand...I downloaded yesterday from
>> pragma-ade downloading page...
>> is it not the right place/version?
> that is the only authorative(spelling?) place to download... There
> are mirrors, but I don't know how uptodate they are.
> The output you have sent me (private mail) showed that you use the
> latest ConTeXt texfiles, but the perl progam "texexec" was not
> updated.
> Did texexec --make --alone metafun work?
> Patrick
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