Le 23 juin 04, ā 16:54, Patrick Gundlach a écrit :

Hi Maurice,

texshow-web:  http://members.ping.de:8061
ConTeXt wiki: http://members.ping.de:8062

Not accessible! Perhaps because I'm behind a firewall? I should try at home.

I just double checked that the services both run ok. If there is any problem that could be on my side, please tell me.

It does work from home, So I cried to our system administaters, and now it does work at work too :-)

Thank you very much.

OK, It is open source
But about the documentation.
The easiest way to finf this file is by looking for

    mreadme.pdf pragma

in google!

I did 'locate mreadme'.

Yes, but I think the top 10 documents should directly be accessible from the reference url. and mreadme.pdf is one of these files *before* installing context !

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