Am 24.06.2004 um 16:13 schrieb Maurice Diamantini:
A ConTeXt reference book would be much like an uptodate
cont-eni.pdf manual. It would be comparable to the couple
"LaTeX Lamport + Latex Compagnon"

Would be, should be, yes.

But the reference cont-eni.pdf doesn't talk about math nor biblio.

Both are extensions from my point of view.

Even if math is "typical" for TeX, it's not typical for ConTeXt.

I think the typical university user is content with LaTeX.
ConTeXt is for those who like to design their own layout.

I seldom need any formula - TeX/ConTeXt is for me simply the
system of choice for big documents (books), presentations and
everything scriptable.
(For most of my work I use InDesign.)

Also there is several means to do tables, and it seams
that the two main context reference documents (gettingStart and
cont-eni.pdf) doesn't talk about the same table system.
Morever, neither of them talk about the last most supported
table system which seams to be enattab.pdf!!

Yes, that's confusing. I made an overview in my german docs, will transfer it to the Wiki soon.

And every latex package has its own docs that you should read - some
are books itself (e.g. komascript).
Doen't know about it, doen't need it, so I'm glab it is not in
the latex manuals :-)

The KOMA classes are an enhanced replacement for the standard LaTeX classes
my Markus Kohm. If you use LaTeX it's a pity if you don't know them!

I think the simplest thing to do is a to make a lite introduction
documentation for use as a guide about which docs should be seen
as reference (which table to use, how to to biblio, ...)

Again, I don't think that bibliographies are basic. But I'm no scientific user.

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