There is something I don't understand about the typescript business (using ConText version june 30, 2004):

By calling \setupbodyfont[lbr] the following script (referred to als typescript number-1) in type-buy.tex (lines 161-170) is executed:

\starttypescript [lbr]
\usetypescript [serif,sans,mono,math,calligraphy,handwriting] [lucida] [name,special,\defaultencoding]
\usetypescript [serif,sans,mono,math,calligraphy,handwriting] [default] [size]
\usetypescript [all] [lucida] [\defaultencoding]

Also I have defined somewhere else a typescript (number-2):

\starttypescript [Times]

WITHOUT the line "...[all]..." in typescript number-1 all goes well, lucida fonts result in the product.

However, WITH the line "...[all]..." in typescript number-1 there is found the following match, as can be seen in the log (by setting \tracetypescriptstrue):

>>> fonts : enter [Times] [] []
>>> fonts : check [all] [lucida] [texnansi]
>>> fonts : matched

Now that seems strange to me. I might be misunderstanding the typescript search mechanism, but why does it turn out that the search key [lucida] is ignored? Here it seems that after the [all] the following search keys are ignored, reducing the check to [all][][]; but why then bother giving these 2nd and 3rd key at all? But even if this behaviour is implied by giving the first search key as [all], it leads to wrong results. Because now the typescript number-2 is executed too, working havoc to the font setup.

Is there someone who can enlighten me on these matters? Thanks in advance.
Hans van der Meer

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