Hi Vit,

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:46:10 +0200, Vit wrote:
> I can imagine next solutions:
> 1) Do not use predefined keys in my macros, e.g. textWidth instead of
>     textwidth [=user unfriendly].

If you decide on this solution, please use Textwidth instead (at least
something that starts with a capital letter). 

> 2) Use original (mostly Dutch) keys inside of my macros
>     [=developer unfriendly].

In this case, the "correct" solution is to use the interfaced versions 
like \c!tekstbreedte et al. inside your macros. This is unwieldy if you 
are not very familiar with the ConTeXt source, but it allows multilingual
input (very user friendly).

> 3) Define:
>       \unprotect
>       \def\getparametersALL{\dogetparameters\dosetvalueALL}

Actually there is no need to define anything, you can just use \rawgetparameters 
instead of  \getparameters.


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